Dayton cop saves little girl from animal attack

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Dayton cop saves little girl from animal attack

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DAYTON — A local police officer saved the day to start 2024.

Dayton Police Officer Fader was dispatched on initial reports that a loose chicken was chasing a little girl.

Dayton Police & Fire wrote on social media that he found the chicken on Virginia Avenue.

“New Year. New Adventures,” the department said.

A picture shows the officer holding the chicken after catching it.
Last month I talked to an acquaintance who lived in Dayton near where a friend of his was killed about 4 years ago from a dog attack, and the attack
was going on while 2 cops allegedly sat in their car and watched it for several minutes, or at least that was the allegation. He still remembers it and has a sour attitude about Dayton cops over it, even though it was just 2 guys and it's a big department. :(

Even though though internal affairs said,
The Aug. 25, 2017, findings from an internal affairs investigation, signed by Hill, found that there was not sufficient evidence that either officer displayed cowardice.
The guy I know who personally knew the victim didn't buy it, and neither did other people in the area. :( ... VSrkXYnxJ/
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