Oklahoma governor to weigh clemancy claim death row case, prisoner claims self defense

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Oklahoma governor to weigh clemancy claim death row case, prisoner claims self defense

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One of the interesting takeaways I found from this news article was this:
Hancock was convicted in 2004 for the 2001 double-murder of Robert Lee Jett, 37, and James Vincent Lynch, 58, in Southwest Oklahoma City. Hancock, 59, claims that he killed the men after Jett threatened him with a metal bar and demanded he get into a cage.

Hancock said his only means of survival was to get a pistol that was tucked into Jett’s pants and shoot both men.

“I was suddenly terrified for my life. I have no doubt they would have killed me,” he said.

But Assistant Attorney General Joshua Lockett told the Pardon and Parole Board that Hancock hasn’t given consistent statements about what led up to the fatal shooting. An eyewitness testified at the 2004 trial that Hancock was the aggressor. Jett also had injuries to his back, which were inconsistent with a self-defense scenario, Lockett said.
The article doesn't say it but he might've been interviewed shortly after the shooting and without representation.
Republican State Representatives Kevin McDugle and Justin Humphrey both attended the hearing and backed Hancock’s self-defense claims.

Humphrey said he hopes Stitt will look at the facts of the case and agree that clemency is warranted.

“I continue to support the death penalty but believe that we must use it appropriately, ” Humphrey said. “I hope the people of Oklahoma agree that self-defense should not be a case where the death penalty is used.”

Hancock’s execution is slated for Nov. 30. Unless Stitt grants clemency, Hancock will be the 11th person to die by lethal injection since Oklahoma resumed executions in October 2021.
https://www.readfrontier.org/stories/go ... death-row/
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