AAR - Progressive Fundamentals & Movement, Cleves OH

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AAR - Progressive Fundamentals & Movement, Cleves OH

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AAR - Progressive Fundamentals & Movement
Recommended ammo count - 600, modified for current scarcity
Impact Shooting Center - Cleves, OH
Partly cloudy then sunny, low humidity, mid 30s up to low 60’s

Problem weapons noted - 1
1 - Walther PPQ (pretty sure on the model), Vortex red dot gave up the ghost. Shooter removed red dot and shot the remainder of the course with only a front sight.

3 things covered
-Precision shooting before moving - crawl/walk/run
-Pushing limits of speed, versus capabilities of accuracy
-Wave/ratchet concept, implementation

3 things learned
-Appendix draw - keep the shoulders and spine still, hands do the work
-Finally seeing the dot becoming a streak during transitions
-Vision offsets for transitions, not driving past the target

3 things I’ll be changing
-Presentation from holster to line of sight
-Pushing speed much harder in practice
-Shooting and moving is bubble gum and walking - don’t think about it

The course started with an into of Shane and Bobby, instructor and AI. Both are accomplished shooters with their own personal focal points, and both focusing on efficiency. Both do a great job at meeting people where they are, helping folks work through their personal skill sets and challenges. Shooters ranged from mid 20 martial artists, tradesmen, office workers, male and female. Focus on precision shooting, culminating in shooting a paster out with a magazine, was the foundation before lunch to prevent the moving portion in the afternoon being a waste of time and ammunition. The course culminated in a USPSA stage, ran as the shooters wants, then analysis on efficiency and pure speed with disregard to accuracy (what can your body do from a movement perspective), and then a third time for score. I would strongly recommend this course to anybody, regardless of skill level.

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Cincinnati, OH
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