New For Sale Policy Coming In March

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New For Sale Policy Coming In March

Post by jgarvas »

After substantial discussion on the matter over the course of almost a year Ohioans For Concealed Carry has decided to adopt a new policy in the For Sale forums that will impact a limited number of individuals. These changes do not have an effective start date at this time due to technical difficulties which must be resolved, but we are publishing the anticipated change so that everyone is aware of them well before they are enacted.

Most importantly: There are no intentions to change what items you may sell on the forums at all
Simply put: Unlimited NEW listings of items for sale will soon be a benefit of / extended to OFCC membership.

How it will work:

Anyone who has an account on the forums will be permitted to negotiate as a buyer or trader in a transaction regardless of their membership status. However, NEW topics in the For Sale forums will require the author of that post to have a "Site Supporter" rank or better, which is derived by being a dues paying member of Ohioans For Concealed Carry, Inc. In short, anyone may be a buyer or a trader regardless of membership status. Only members will be permitted to list new items.

* Newly created accounts must post a minimum of five times elsewhere in the forums before they can post in the For Sale forum or PM other members regardless of membership status. This is existing policy derived from anti-spam features enabled over a year ago.


The official date of this new policy is undefined due to technical details. However, once it is imposed upon the forums we will not retroactively harm any posts in these forums for single item, non-re-occurring items. In other words, if you are not a member and you have items listed for sale and the policy is enacted we will not remove your listed items. You will not be able to list new items after the effective date unless you become a member.

Why are we doing this:

At the time of this writing some 6200 people have created an account on these forums. If all 6,200 of those registrations had a site supporter logo next to their name the annual budget from those followers alone would exceed $150,000 annually. This decision is one of many derived from discussions of growing the organization as we move forward.

It has become quite apparent to many people that a number of individuals use the forums for the sole purpose of buying and selling firearms without either contributing to the community discussions or becoming a member of the organization. We believe that an individual who has "hundreds" of posts in the For Sale forums should be supporting the organization's endeavors. This forum has become one of the most popular places to advertise a firearm for sale in a target market where the buyers and sellers are likely local. We believe that by allowing anyone to engage as a buyer or trader the potential buyer market will remain lively, while those with an impetus to sell a firearm will realize the benefits of listing unlimited for sale items in exchange for joining the organization.

What should you do:

If you wish to list items for sale, make sure you're a member and make sure we've given you proper recognition in the forums. If you are not a dues paying member you should consider becoming one even if you don't intend to list items for sale - without people like you our endeavors are limited by the financial budget.


In the For Sale forums Ohioans For Concealed Carry plays the "role" of a news paper listing classified ads. These changes make no change to that relationship, but instead mirror the fact that listings in a classified ad come at a cost to the publisher.

* Further: In the event that we can not reliably maintain accurate automated records of legitimate dues paying members between the membership system and the forums this policy will be deferred until such a time that we can meet that technical obligation.
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