Feedback (updated 6/2/2008)

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Feedback (updated 6/2/2008)

Post by NavyChief »

We're going to try something new. Due to the immense popularity of the "For Sale / Trades / Wanted" forum, we've decided to add a "Feedback" sticky. We hope to develop this as a sub-forum once (if) we upgrade the software (TBD).

For now, this will be a bit of a learning curve on how we grow this thing, so please bear with us.

What used to be policy:
For the time being, we would like to maintain this as strictly a "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything," sort of thread. If you would happen to see someone apparently entering into a deal with an individual you have had a bad experience with, send them (and at least one of us Mod's) a PM.
Now, simply post honest feedback. Period. If some feathers get ruffled, we'll deal with it on a case-by-case basis.

I'll start...

ArcherAce - Oddly, we've not met. We did a cash transaction while I was still living in Florida through an FFL. Communications were first-rate. I'd deal with him again without hesitation.

Cybercop - We recently concluded a FTF "even-steven" trade. A true "win-win" - we both walked away with a new toy we wanted. (I'm also very jealous of his truck...)
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Post by lyptix »


Great Guys I have dealt with on here, A lot more than once!
Would recommend doing business with any of the following gentleman!

- OldManTod (x3)
- sts47 (x2)
- Carl Phipps
- topher1254
- emt118
- shaner (X3)
- charles1198
- ScottyPotty
- Morne
- jabeatty
- William Bonney (x3)
- Heathen (x2)
- Harlie
- Tweed Ring (x2)
- Strider
- Willy P
- McM
- techres
- charben
- Cruiser
- carmen fovozzo
- Glock23
- MikeB
- mikkeeh
- Skull
- elricfate
- jeep45238
- calvin56
- Javelin Man
- twinglock.40's
- 1976thompson
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Post by McM »

+2 for Jake: Two face-to-face transactions several months apart. Both guns were wonderfully maintained and the prices were fair. The communication to finalize the deals and set up the meetings was prompt and courteous. Friendly guy and easy to deal with.

+1 for Cruiser:. Mail transaction for equipment. Nice guy, quick pay, good sale.

+1 for Wildmedic: Equipment by mail. Good guy, good sale.

+1 for William Bonney: Equipment by mail. Good guy, blazing quick pay, good sale.

+1 for Glock 23: Equipment by mail. Speedy ship, as advertised. Good guy.

+1 for Old Man Tod: Equipment by mail. Speedy ship, as advertised. Good guy.

+1 for lyptix: FTF, good communication, friendly, courteous. Good guy.

+1 for farblue: Always a nice guy. I was lucky he was nearby and didn't mind a drive. Very clean gun and a good transaction.

+1 for Newcomer FTF, A very nice fellow, and I would happily deal w/ him again.

+1 for ArcherAce: Equipment by mail. A very nice sale from a very nice guy.

+1 for sts47: FTF, Easy transaction. Good guy.

-1 for fredlee
Never sent payment. :(
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Post by Redfestiva »

I had a fast trouble free transaction with shooterwolf. I would'nt hestitate to do business with him again.
I purchased some ammo from charben and was very happy. I got the ammo super fast. I would definately do business with him in the future.[fb added 1/28/08]
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Post by OldManTod »

SWEET!!! I get my signature line back!!

If I could only get my opinion back, I would be thrilled!!

Here's the line-up of good guys (so far):

Petrovich - Great transaction for a .22 plinker for the kids
Buzzman_45011 - Great transaction Kahr for a XD Sub
Shooter05 - Great transaction for a .22 plinker for Dad
McGyver - Awesome cash transaction for a newly "trigger jobbed" Sigma
Pedie22 - (help me out here?)
Lyptix (x2) - One swap for a shotgun - one cash transaction for storage bins - more stuff - patiently waiting for the garage sale!!
BKVic - Excellent cash deal for a XD45
Shaner - The wheelgun served its purpose - thanks buddy
AIFormula - If I could only get him to teach me how to shoot my transaction with Tony woulda been perfecto (thanks for the .22, I only need one for for each of the four kids)
ScottyPotty - The iPods showed up and the kiddies rejoiced!!!
TwinsburgShooter - Great cash transaction for my P3AT (sniff, sniff, :cry: )
FoxBody88Stang - Transaction was great - maybe S&W can get their act together
Willy P - Great transaction on short notice - good luck on the hunting season
WBL_2006 - Very flexible on my last minute cancel - Thanks Wubble, I know you will enjoy the big boy
TPikeman - Great cash deal - the 1911 has become one of my top 3 - Good luck on your project
Swann - Thanks for the Sig and the "extras" - see you again soon!
KahrGuy - Thanks for the transaction brother, wish we coulda compared Ink!
FoxBody88Stang - No worries on the time, got caught up on my sleep and put 200 rounds down the pipe - ahhhh the sweet sweet smell. Thanks buddy..!
Dave - I know you are out there - thanks buddy - Pop is pleased!
Andrew241 - Thanks for meeting me brother - enjoy! Great guy here folks, knows how to wheel and deal. :)

To all - thanks for the great transactions, keep them coming.

- T

p.s. Good Lord it is almost time for a garage sale!
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Post by charles1198 »

I've done business with lyptix, CincinnastyKid and Petrovich (x2). All great guys and trouble-free deals!
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Post by Jake »


HighVoltage...Great Seller. Item as described!

...Great Seller. Item as described!

...Great Seller with Fast shipping!

WILDMEDIC...I've had 2 separate transactions w/ Joe. Great Seller! Fast shipping, accurate description too.

... Great Seller. Item as described and shipped quickly.

BlackBart... Great Seller! Item as described at a great price.

jabeatty...Item as described, shipped quickly and packed better than Santa Clause himself.



McM is a great buyer...uses CASH! :D

Bryan Torok...Great Buyer!

Oxmarqt...Great transaction. Paid fast.

If I missed someone I've dealt with, please feel free to remind me!
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Post by McGyver »

Old Man Tod- Great CASH buyer!
Glock23- Great seller!
Fantastic communication with BOTH.
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Post by Sevesteen »

Buckeyered: I've purchased 2 guns and a mag extension from him all in separate deals, very happy. Quite a while after one of the gun sales, he sent me an extra set of grips that weren't part of the deal at his own expense, no charge.

Charlieinhuber: Cash purchaser, easy transaction.

2Fast4You: I Bought his Palm TX--Fast shipping, A+ deal.

xd--Sold me an XD9 service, Great deal, better than described.
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Post by WBL_2006 »

Updated 05/17/08:

Navy Chief
jabeatty (so many times, I have lost count :D )
jeep45238 - as a middle man
dan dan the XD40 man
Tunnel Rat (multiple)

Buy/Sell with confidence with these folks.

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Post by J0SH »

charben - Great guy, smooth transaction!
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Post by Morne »

Forgive me if I forgot someone:

Lyptix - Easy FTF transaction
2Fast4You - AWESOMELY well cared for gun!!!
Hershey - Quick and easy trade
Buckshot - Simple trade with a fellow C&R holder
Shaner - Friendly FTF with good communication
TunnerlRat - Good communication & easy to deal with
Harlie - Will drive in the WORST weather to meet halfway, easy FTF
Jronjakoh - Prompt arrival halfway between for FTF. Nice guy!
taw.45 - Friendly FTF, good commo & well-behaved dogs!
jdcleve - Drove to meet me and was punctual
rDigital - Convenient FTF transaction
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Post by Javelin Man »

Shaner, great face to face transaction. Nice purple handled revolver which turned out to be real wood! :)
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Post by MikeACP »

I had a good experience with ArcherAce. Quick shipment, great communication.
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Post by ArcherAce »

Let me say I've never had a bad transaction with anyone from this forum.

Navychief seller after getting that 1911 refinished it was just to pretty to shoot. It sits in the box. :lol:
Skull buyer Fast payment
Colt45 seller Good deal on a P38 that I still haven't shot. :shock:
dan dan the XD40 man buyer & seller
MikeACP buyer I sold him a paddle holster.
topher1254 seller Gerber Knife.
sbc350gearhead seller My first revolver. Good deal and a quick lesson on how it worked.
Shaner buyer He needed another XD! :D
oneeyedmac buyer Sold him a holster.
jdcleve buyer Sold him a mag.
mreising buyer Bought some shell plates.
charben buyer
jamas01 buyer Now you can be the one addicted to COD4!
William Bonney buyer
Strider buyer
makdaddy buyer
Corrsk trade
McM buyer
ShooterWolf seller
Evan Price seller
tjefferies buyer X2
jobu72 buyer

I know I've sold a few holsters, and a press, and I bought that Colt Mustang along with a few other items. But, for the life of me I can't remember everyones name! If they care to step up I'll gladly give them a +1!
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