Toledo officer exchanges gunfire with nude suspect

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Toledo officer exchanges gunfire with nude suspect

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and no injuries reported. ... YV7QVPE3U/
When the first officer arrived, he saw the suspect running between houses and eventually the male suspect in a backyard.

The suspect did not obey verbal and left the scene with a gun in hand. He then stopped in a driveway, “held the gun to his head, and began to fully undress,” the spokesperson said.

The officer attempted to de-escalate the situation but was not successful.

The suspect continued to ignore the officer’s orders and “once fully nude, continued running the gun,” according to the spokesperson.

The officer “fired multiple rounds at the suspect,” the spokesperson stated. “As the suspect continued onto Kershaw, he fired multiple rounds at the officer.”

Other officers arrived at the scene and the suspect eventually threw his gun and was taken into custody.

Medics transported the suspect to the hospital. It was later discovered that he was wanted on a felony warrant for domestic violence.

The suspect will be charged with assault on a peace officer.

No injuries were reported.
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