Red dot mounts

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Red dot mounts

Post by Hank629 »

Good day all!
I'm looking into putting a Red dot on my old XD but I don't want to mill my slide. What are your opinions on the mounts that slide in place of the rear sight? Are these any good or should I just pay to have my slide milled?
Thanks in advice! 8)
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Re: Red dot mounts

Post by jeep45238 »

Cheap way to experiment with it. Presentation is way off compared to iron sights or a milled dot, and is a source of frustration for many.

If it's for a range toy, sure, go for it. Otherwise, I'd pass. Where Firearms and Finances meet.

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Re: Red dot mounts

Post by Dave Shooter »

If I were gonna do that, I'd go with an EGW. Everything I've used from them seems to be quality.
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Re: Red dot mounts

Post by FormerNavy »

Have you thought about looking for a replacement slide such as this: ... slide-kit/
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