Justice dept. report on failures of Uvalde Texas school shooting

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Justice dept. report on failures of Uvalde Texas school shooting

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https://apnews.com/article/uvalde-schoo ... c3f0f26256

They spent a lot of time and money to basically say what I and others said not long after it happened, with the worst one being a lack of action in the beginning due to a "lack of urgency." The reason for the lack of urgency was that the killer wasn't actively shooting people by the time they were ready to go in. The problem is that there were wounded victims that EMS couldn't get to that died waiting for emergency medical treatment. You don't have to work for the Justice dept. to know this, it's just common sense.

One of the teachers there said the side door that the killer entered had an issue where they were unable to lock it, it had been allegedly reported and I guess the school administration didn't have a sense of urgency to do something about that either. :( IDK if that's in the report, it might or might not be, just my comments. Regardless, all locked doors due is slow some killers down. Look at the school shooting in Nashville, or the health care facility in Ohio where a guy shot and killed a police chief who was looking for the suspect, then shot the lock off the door to the health care facility, went in and murdered his ex and another employee. Heck, a mass murderer could even drive in first, like what the infamous Lubys cafeteria killer did. A school needs to do more than just lock doors, they need to have a realistic plan to deal with someone if they get in anyway.

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/64-guns-se ... -shooting/

There's one thing that I'm going to bet is NOT in the report, and that is how if school staff were allowed to be armed the number of dead and injured might've been significantly less. :(
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