Taco Bell employee shoots back at robbers, police spokesman said he may have saved lives

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Taco Bell employee shoots back at robbers, police spokesman said he may have saved lives

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There is video of a police spokesman in Akron Ohio. Allegedly the robbers got the money and then started shooting, which is when the armed employee shot back, repelling them. They allegedly had the money on them when they went to the ER. I totally agree with the comments of the cop at the end of the video. :roll:

As usual, the media has to make stupid comments like "the employee took justice into his own hands." implying that he was some kind of vigilante.
That is NOT what the employee did at all. It's not "taking justice" or "took the law" into his own hands simply to defend themselves. Self defense is not something at is only the purview of the police.

So far I've not heard any reports of the employee being fired yet. The only thing Taco Bell has said at this time is:
In a statement to USA Today, a Taco Bell spokesperson said the company was “shocked” by the incident.

“The franchise owner and operator of this location has informed us that they are working with the local authorities in their investigation and that they will be offering support to all team members present,” the spokesperson said.
Hopefully that included the employee that saved lives and not fire that person.

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