Columbus man acquitted of murder of teen girl, self defense shooting

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Columbus man acquitted of murder of teen girl, self defense shooting

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Although she was holding pepper spray when she approached the vehicle the accused testified he didn't know that.
Elie's grandmother, 57-year-old Michelle Sharp, testified Solomon sprayed her with pepper spray during the second round of the fighting at Kroger.

After the two bouts of fighting and some alleged additional pepper spraying, both sides got into separate vehicles and drove away, according to testimony during the trial.

A short time later, the two vehicles ended up at the same intersection of North 4th and East 11th, less than a mile away from the Kroger. Elie got out of her family's car and approached the vehicle Camper was driving, according to testimony.

Prosecutors alleged during the trial that Elie was carrying pepper spray and headed for the open front passenger window.

Camper testified that he saw a shadowy figure approaching his vehicle through his tinted windows and that he was scared. He said his instinct was to use the handgun he had sitting in his lap to shoot the figure once.

Krapenc said Camper didn't know if the figure approaching the car had a gun. Krapenc also implied during the trial that Elie could have been holding a gun.

After being shot, Elie staggered back to her family's vehicle. They drove her to Nationwide Children's Hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.

Krapenc pointed out that Columbus police did not preserve surveillance video they watched of the shooting.
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