Cincy company selling GPS tracking device for guns

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Cincy company selling GPS tracking device for guns

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The article also talks about new gun laws passed by the City clowncil. Not sure from the article how securely the device attaches to the gun, because otherwise what would stop someone from just cutting it off. The inventor of the device says it has some kind of option for the gun owner to register their gun with the police also if desired (or until city clowncil tries to mandate it :roll: )
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Re: Cincy company selling GPS tracking device for guns

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Those two new laws are along the lines of:

1) Theft of a firearm must be reported to CPD "immediately", whatever that means.

2) If the police recover a stolen firearm, the owner may be required to pay a $200 charge to get it back.

I will not comment on those items for now.

The GPS gun tracker gadget: Can thieves hack into that database? If so it would make stealing those firearms like a fun game for them, wouldn't it?
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Re: Cincy company selling GPS tracking device for guns

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Let’s say someone is foolish enough to buy such a device and registers their gun. Then they happen to be in the vicinity of a fatal shooting.

Yet they may be unaware of the crime while the guilty party without a GPS tracker escapes unnoticed.

Desperate to solve the crime, the city’s best sleuthhounds get a warrant to find out who was in the area.

All that is necessary is to round up the usual suspects or suspect if he or she was the only one in the vicinity.
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