Renewal in Geauga Co.

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Re: Renewal in Geauga Co.

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pirateguy191 wrote: Tue Nov 21, 2023 11:36 am I'm not a fan of sending or trying to receive anything through the U.S.P.S. anymore. Having said that, I received mine from Geauga County in August. It took about a week.
You have a point there. I live in a twelve unit condo building. There are several of those buildings in the neighborhood. Over the last few months, the carriers have been messing up delivery badly. My building gets mail addressed to other buildings, and vice versa. I do what I can to take stuff that ends up in my box, or the bin beneath, to the correct building.

The condo association has been no help, and for the most part my neighbors don't pitch in to fix things. A visit to my local postmaster hasn't improved the situation, so last week I went downtown to the main branch and complained in writing.

"Well, we're shorthanded ever since Covid" was the brunt of their verbal response.

Suddenly it's no longer viable to get my bills and other important mail through the USPS.
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