Obetz 2923.123 sign

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Obetz 2923.123 sign

Post by Mike6789 »

Sorry if this is not the right place, but I was attending a birthday party at the Obetz Community center, and noticed the 2923.123 sign, which says you cannot carry into a courthouse. I asked the employee there, if there was some sort of courthouse attached, she said no, it's just the community center.

Would the community center fall under a "government building" for restricting concealed carry (or open), or would this be considered a public building. Also, would this sign be unenforceable seeing as there is no courthouse inside the building?

Address for the building is 1650 Obetz Ave, Obetz, OH 43207
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Re: Obetz 2923.123 sign

Post by Brian D. »

In short, it's a government building. Carry is prohibited there by the ORC, even if not by the section listed on the sign. Cities, counties, townships, etc. can opt to allow carry, but that's a rarity.

The Ohio House is working on a law to sorta kinda fix that, but don't hold your breath waiting for them to craft something too useful.
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