Questions on current Hamilton County renewals

If you have questions or know the answers to questions about the application and renewal process this forum is for you. Post your experiences or ask your new applicant questions here.

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Re: Questions on current Hamilton County renewals

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Just to wrap up my story...

I opted to go to Warren County, and I was quite pleased.

My appointment was at 10:30 last Friday.
Light traffic up I-71, light traffic up Rt 48, no traffic once I turned into their government complex, and the parking lot mostly empty.
I was early, and walked into the lobby at 10:16.

The only downcheck I'd give them is signage - or lack thereof.
The only window was marked "RECORDS" in tall letters. Since there wasn't a second option I stood in front of it, waited until a person saw me, left their desk and came up.
I told them why I was there, they collected my forms and IDs, and told me I'd be called by "her" in a minute.
And so I was, by a very polite, friendly woman. The office where the actual work was done didn't have chairs - I stood behind the line, she took my pic, we did the fingerprint thing, and I was out the door with my card before 10:30.

As a veteran my fee was paid by the state.

So except for the drive to and from Lebanon, it was a great experience. Downtown Cincy would have been closer, but considering traffic, parking, and the fact that you have to navigate the not-always-friendly street UNARMED, Warren County was a great pick.
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