Happy birthday SMMAssociates!

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Brian D.
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Happy birthday SMMAssociates!

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Seems like I remember you having two birthdates listed on this forum, and I can't remember which is correct. Stu, you still here amongst us living, breathing folks?
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Re: Happy birthday SMMAssociates!

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Still breathing, although I've just started to recover from some plague or other that's lasted three or four weeks.... (I think I got it from a Doctor's office....)

The May date is correct. I thought I'd fixed the other one. Oh well.... Things have been a little crazy around here - lost a tree (messed up the backyard fence and a bit of the garage roof) during that almost hurricane a few weeks back, and my daughter's been up here just about every weekend since then. Her buddy Mike has been doing some repair work - no apparent romantic connection, but I think he'd swim the Mississippi, lengthwise!, if she asked. Nice guy, though.

On a slightly serious note, I managed to misplace my CHL. (Driver's License, too, but that's NBD.) Anybody know the procedure for Columbiana County? I don't really need it in OH anymore, but I'm awful close to PA, likely to be there once in a while, and you can't mail-order a PA license anymore. I don't see that one in the pile, either, but my OH CHL has been good there for a bit now, rather than driving to New Castle.

TIA all, and a blessed Memorial Day, to those who served.

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carmen fovozzo
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Re: Happy birthday SMMAssociates!

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Happy Birthday..
Life is full of God given coincidences..
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