Confused About Concealed Carry

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Confused About Concealed Carry

Post by WeinerDog »

I need clarification on what the new law determines about a gun in your car if you don’t have a CHL. We used to have to be concerned about an unlicensed friend or relative being found by LEO with a gun inside the vehicle, for whatever reason, while we were inside a place of business. I assume that it is no longer a problem since one doesn’t need a license to carry concealed. I tried to get a logical answer from a police friend right before the law changed but he just babbled something about mishandling and walked away.
I understand that the unlicensed friend or relative would have to be legally allowed to possess a gun in every way.
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Re: Confused About Concealed Carry

Post by Bearable »

Generally, if the only person(s) in the car is NOT allowed to possess a handgun then the law would be violated. The gun could be in the car if it is properly locked-up.
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Re: Confused About Concealed Carry

Post by JustaShooter »

For a person without a license to legally be able to have a loaded handgun in a motor vehicle they must be legally able to possess a firearm *and* have nothing in their background that would keep them from being able to get a license if they applied for one.

There are several items that can keep you from getting your license that do not keep you from possessing a firearm: misdemeanor offenses of violence (assault, etc.) misdemeanor drug offenses greater than a Minor Misdemeanor, and a few others.

So it is more than just being able to possess a firearm, though that is a big factor obviously.
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