Wanted: Buff orpington Rooster

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Wanted: Buff orpington Rooster

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I am looking for a Buff Orpington rooster to ad to my flock. The Girls are currently very lonely.. and the eggs tend not to hatch without a Rooster in the coop. If you have a 'spare' that is not too old... let me know how much you would like for it. I would prefer a yearling... but if push comes to shove... i'll grind Viagra to mix with his feed. :lol: I figured I would offer $10. - $12. depending on the age, condition, location ect... I might go $15. for a nice young one ... if I don't have to drive too far. Feel free to ask more if you really think that your rooster is worth it... who knows? I might go for it...
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