Hamilton county park ranger A+

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Hamilton county park ranger A+

Postby djom1cincy » Mon Jul 30, 2018 12:11 pm

Out fishing in newton/plainville over the weekend. We park outside the gate at avaco park on 50 since the park closes at dark. We walk down to the river through the park and fish till about 1230 then start packing up. I hear a voice announce Hamilton county park ranger to my uncle on the end. I listen for a for a few seconds to determine what’s going on. I hear the ranger say we can’t be in here fishing after dark. I walk over and excuse myself for interrupting and inform him of my carrying status. Ranger ask if it’s on my hip which I reply yes it is. He thanks me for informing him and that was it about the gun. He tells us we can’t fish there after dark as the park owns the land all the way to the river. He checked our license and left on his way. He never ask to see my chl. I’d say he was great about the carrying a gun part. I’m sure he probably hid in the woods listening before making contact. We were 3 adults with 3 kids not raising hell. If we would have been I’m sure it would have been different. I say the parks suck on the not being open after dark.
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Re: Hamilton county park ranger A+

Postby Brian D. » Mon Jul 30, 2018 1:28 pm

The Hamilton County park system has never had great budget when it comes to law enforcement personnel numbers. They are spread somewhat thin, and depend on help from the various municipal and deputy sheriff patrols throughout the county. I'd say that's even more true during the overnight hours. Can't really blame them for closing after dark, except for organized activities and the campgrounds, of course. They certainly don't want to have to start a woods search for a lost kid/hiker, or a rescue of a boater/swimmer/fisherman at night. (I'm not saying YOUR family would have anything like that take place, but sometimes regulations must be based on the lowest common denominator of...idiots.)

Glad your encounter and inform went alright.
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