Force on force training information

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Force on force training information

Post by M-Quigley »

Does anyone know of any force on force training (for civilians) in Ohio?
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Re: Force on force training information

Post by Brian D. »

Advanced handgun class levels at schools like TDI include a good bit of it.
Honestly, I don't see why "graduates" of such places couldn't get the proper gear and a house/patch of woods/ whatever, then practice procedures and tactics on their own.
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Re: Force on force training information

Post by TSiWRX »

The Alliance Police Training facility (in Alliance, Ohio, of-course! :) ) hosts Practically Tactical for civilian force-on-force, including low-light, at least once a year.

Varg Freeborn (One Life Defense/Violence of Mind) also had force-on-force classes booked out of the same facility last year, and I believe he either already has or will again have the same this year.
Allen - Shaker Heights, Ohio
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