Open carry is bad

Open Carry is carrying a firearm unconcealed in Ohio. OC does not require a concealed handgun license, but the practice requires intimate knowledge of the law since there are places and situations where OC is prohibited but carrying concealed would be permitted. OC is also likely to attract attention. This forum is for discussion of OC, not for debating the pro's and con's or coordinating any type of protest events.

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Re: Open carry is bad

Postby WayneB » Mon Oct 24, 2016 5:50 pm

OhioPaints wrote:
Darkness wrote:
Instead of deterrence, we’ve found numerous instances (some of which we’ve documented here at Bearing Arms) where criminals saw an openly carried firearm as a target to be snatched. In most of these instances, they were successful. In the instances where the criminals failed, it was typically through their own ineptitude.


Just how many is that?

And how many criminals saw an open carried gun and decided to seek easier hunting grounds? Oh, we generally don't know because the crime was avoided because of the open carry.

How many? I would guess - numerous. :lol:
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Re: Open carry is bad

Postby Thanlon23 » Thu Jan 12, 2017 8:36 am

I haven't OC'd, and I'm applying for the CC license at the end of the month, but I am very glad that Ohio has OC. For one, if my gun is printing during CC, I won't get in trouble for it. Also, if I'm doing something where I want to have my gun on me but CC isn't going to be an option, I don't have to leave my gun at home or locked in the car.

Last fall a friend of mine was walking his dog and bent over to pick up what the dog had left after doing it's business on a windy day, and his shirt rode up/blew up and exposed his gun. The woman across the street called the cops to report that a man was "walking around the neighborhood waving a gun." When the cop got to the neighborhood, he saw my friend - who he knew had a CCW, and fit the description of the guy she called about. The cop told my friend not to worry and went to this woman's house to explain to her that unless someone is walking around the neighborhood waving a gun around not to call the cops, that someone with a holstered gun be it open or concealed is legal.

I support both forms of carry, but those that think that OC is more dangerous are stupid, though at times it can be more of a headache when dealing with morons that are hoplophobes.
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