How to quote another post & how to use the preview featu

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How to quote another post & how to use the preview featu

Post by Daniel »

Just a quick note for everyone.

I'd say 99.9% of the posts I've edited over the last few weeks are because of errors made when people are trying to quote another post.

When quoting, you must begin with either a [quote] tag, or a [quote="username"] tag. The quoted text then follows.

At the end, a closing quote tag, [/quote], is required. The closing tag is the same for both types of opening markup tag.

Lastly, you must have BBCode turned on! If the "Disable BBCode in this post" box is checked, BBCode will not work (I was trying to fix a post today and couldn't figure out why it wasn't working until I noticed the user had checked this box).

I've seen posts get even murkier when you quote a post that already has a quote in it. Please avoid doing that wherever possible, and instead quote the original post if necessary (or, only the portion of the post you really need). If this is unavoidable, please make sure you have a close tag for every open tag.

There's also a button that I believe is being under-utilized, and that is the "preview" button. If you are quoting or using any other BBCode or HTML code, please take a few seconds to preview your post first. It will immediately show you if there are any problems with your post so that they can be corrected <i>before </i>you submit the post to the forum.

It also is a great tool to help you find spelling mistakes and typos. I found three in this post!

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Post by Brian_Horton »

You can also remove portions of a quote. You don't have to quote their entire post if you are only referencing one small part of it. That can help with keeping the thread easier to follow along with and in keeping long posts from taking up extra space on the page.

I agree with Dan, please preview your posts before you submit them. I have had to edit several people's posts today as well for formatting. All of them were errors using quotes.
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Post by Kowboy »

My wife got an amusing Email which she forwarded to me with an attachment. I would like to share this, but I am unable to copy/post the attachment.

How do you do this?

Please spell it out stoopid simple.
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Post by dan_sayers »

That would depend on the attachment.

TEXT - You should be able to click at the beginning of it and while continuing to hold the mouse button, drag the pointer to the end. It will change color as you are highlighting it. Now that it is highlighted, your computer understands that whatever command you issue is in regards to it. The fastest method is to now right-click on what's highlighted. A context menu appears and "Copy" should be an option. If not, holding the CTRL button on your keyboard while then pressing C is the keyboard command for Copy. Now in the post field, you may either right click and select Paste from the context menu or press CTRL+P, which is the keyboard command for Paste.

PICTURE (from a site that allows hotlinking) - Right click on the image and select Properties (in Internet Explorer). The properties dialogue comes up with one of the fields called Address (URL). Just like with text above, copy the URL. Now in the post window, click on the IMG button above and it will insert the open IMG tag into your post. Now paste the URL for the image into the post. Finally, click on the IMG button once more to insert a close IMG tag. The result should look similar to this

Code: Select all

PICTURE (from a site that does not allow hotlinking) - You must first save the image to your computer. If you right-click on the image, Save Picture As... should be an option. Where you save it is entirely up to you, but you'll want to take heed as not only will you have to go back to that location to upload it, but you may want to go to it again to delete it off your computer one this process is complete. Once the image is on your computer, you'll need to host is somewhere. I recommend as it is free and requires no account to use. Upload your image there and you'll be given quite a bit of code. Most likely, they one you'll want is the last one: Direct link to image. Simply clicking on that field once automatically highlights it. You can now treat that as the URL to use as outlined above. Don't foget to delete it off your computer since you're done with it!

ALL OTHERS - Without knowing the nature of the beast, there's no way to be certain. So we'll just link to it and hope that works for others. I'm thinking of hyperlinks and Flash mostly as I write this. Right click on the item and select Properties like above to copy the URL. The rest is just a copy/paste from the last time I posted this (modified to fit here): When making a post, you'll notic a URL button above your post. Click on it and the following is automatically entered into your post

Code: Select all

I put it inside CODE tags so that the forum will preserve it verbatim instead of trying to parse a link out of it as it normally would. What you see there is known as an open URL tag. After the letters URL, insert an equals sign and then paste the URL you're linking to. If it were, it would now look like this

Code: Select all

AFTER that whole opening URL tag, type the text you want to be clickable. Often you'll see Click here or Full story and such. Now if you click the URL button again, it will add the following to the end

Code: Select all

What you see there is known as a close URL tag, indicated by the slash; a common closing punctuation. Altogether, you have

Code: Select all

[url=]Click here[/url]
...which outside of CODE tags, parses to Click here. Now the URL itself can be as long as you want, but it will only appear on screen as whatever you type inbetween the URL tags, giving you full control over its length and such.
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Post by Kowboy »


Thanks, I'll give it a try.