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New Button Functionality - Please Read - How To Close A Post In The Four For-Sale Forums

When you complete a transaction (Sold, Traded, or choose to stop offering the item) it is imperative that you close the post on the appropriate forum here. In these four unique "For Sale" forums this functionality is available to the original posting member. If you started a post, you can lock it in a special manner here in the FS forums.

1. After a random period of time (we keep adjusting it and haven't made up our mind yet) you will no longer be able to edit an original listing or the subject line. This is aimed at preventing someone from changing the terms of an offer after the fact and to maintain the integrity for feedback history. To update your offer post a subsequent reply in your original thread. If its really important that the subject or the original post needs to be modified after the self-edit button disappears, contact a moderator.

2. Consider if your buyer has commented in your topic. If not, let them do that so that the two of you can share feedback - potential buyers, post something in a thread you intent to buy.
3. Once your topic is locked you can not unlock it or edit any content in the thread.

3. When the transaction is complete or will be pulled the original poster should go into the thread and look in the bottom right corner for the "Quick Mod" pull down menu. You have three choices including:

[SOLD] [TRADED] [UNLISTED] - One of these blocks of text will be prepended to your topic title and the topic will be locked so that nobody can make any further comments in the thread. The history of the thread will be maintained for feedback integrity.

* I am looking into a method so that the original poster can maybe append to their original post but I have not found a solution for this yet.
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