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Personal attacks or behavior by members of the forums that is derogatory towards other members and their posts is not going to be tolerated.

The volunteer moderators that help us "police" common sense on these forums are being put in too many questionable situations where they do not want to moderate, but then when they don't the topic spins out of control.

If we determine that repeat trolls/offenders are pushing the buttons of other forums members to start flame wars and spiraling out of control discussions that have less to do with the topic at hand and more to do with egotistical showing off, we will begin temporarily and/or permanently disabling repeat offenders.

These forums are here for free, for the general gun owning public to discuss issues of interest to them as a community. Abusers will not be tolerated for the sake of those people here interested in communicating in a peaceful and professional environment.

Trolls will be booted without warning.
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