RW ARMS now claiming financial hardship

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RW ARMS now claiming financial hardship

Postby bignflnut » Thu Apr 11, 2019 10:00 am

RW Arms took over Slide Fire Solutions’ inventory of bump fire stocks when the manufacturer closed down in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting. When the ATF waived its regulatory magic wand, instantly designating a warehouse full of stocks into machine guns, RW Arms’ inventory became worthless.

Last month, just before the ban went into effect, they turned in tens of thousands of bump stocks for supervised destruction.

Now RW Arms is suing the federal government over the regulatory legerdemain.

This is important as one criteria for objection to the regulation is financial hardship. Now that they've complied, they seek recompense for the inventory.

RW Arms joins retailer The Modern Sportsman in suing the federal government for this taking without just compensation. The lawsuit alleges that the regulation, which forces lawful owners to destroy or surrender the device, is a physical taking of their property without just compensation in violation of the 5th Amendment of the United States Constitution. Their case captioned The Modern Sportsman et al., v. United States, was filed on March 29th in the Court of Federal Claims, Washington D.C..

THIS is why pro X groups CANNOT remain single-issue groups. The entire point of your issue, whatever that is, is LIBERTY. To discard the 5th Amendment claim, in this case, would be idiotic, would it not?

To say that a group only cares about RKBA arguments and completely discounts any property rights arguments is amazingly vapid. Do not our enemies use all available legal (and illegal) recourse to destroy our Rights?
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Re: RW ARMS now claiming financial hardship

Postby WhyNot » Fri Apr 12, 2019 6:47 am

What is the cheapest to play the full auto game? These items are now machine guns. Yup, they are out a serious chunka change. Also FYI the FPC lawsuit and subsequent agreement between judge, aggreived parties, and the Bureau, the B will 'hold' all bumpers owned by FPC members turned into them by 5/pm last Wed. 4-10-19

So strangely as the tangled web is weaved are there any, excuse me, machine guns still in existance, AFTER the ban date? YES
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