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Honolulu PD tells Pot users TURN IN GUNS

PostPosted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:43 am
by bignflnut
Gun-owning cannabis patients in Honolulu, Hawaii, aren’t feeling like they’re living in paradise right about now. After all, many recently got a letter from the Honolulu Police Department demanding they either transfer their firearms or turn them over to law enforcement.


However, it does illustrate one of the primary problems with gun registration.

What? Gun registration?

Yes. Hawaii is one of the handful of states that maintain a gun registry. They know every lawfully held firearm in the state and who has it. As a result, it was easy for law enforcement to compare the two databases and figure out who owned guns and was getting medical marijuana.

The sobriety argument coming back to bite gun owners in their database.
Lest anyone think that CHL holders in Ohio isn't a database similar to that of Hawaii's registration ...