CA bill to remove gun rights for misdemeanor "Hate Crime"

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CA bill to remove gun rights for misdemeanor "Hate Crime"

Postby Bruenor » Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:48 pm

On it's way to the governors desk to be signed. I've never been a fan of hate crime legislation because it always seems to force the "he did it due to my race, sexual preference, narrative. Often times with no proof of that being the cause. also always seemingly one sided. I say convict, and sentence people based on the crime, not what you believe they may have been thinking at the time. ... -loophole/
Lawmakers this week unanimously approved a bill to strip gun rights from those convicted of misdemeanor hate crimes.

The measure, AB 785, passed the California Legislature without a single “no” vote and is backed by Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer, D-Los Angeles, who argues the proposal heading to Gov. Brown’s desk is timely considering recent events.

His bill, the Disarm Hate Act, adds to the state’s already existing list of misdemeanor crimes that result in an automatic 10-year prohibition on possessing a firearm. The additions would include those who are convicted of misdemeanor interference with another person’s civil rights or damage of property because of their perceived race, religion, national origin, disability, gender, or sexual orientation. Violations would be a felony and result in a lifetime gun ban.

Jones-Sawyer argues that six states — Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Oregon — have enacted laws to prohibit those with misdemeanor hate crime convictions from possessing and acquiring firearms.

Complete of course with a quote from Americans for responsible solutions....
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Re: CA bill to remove gun rights for misdemeanor "Hate Crime

Postby dustymedic » Fri Sep 15, 2017 7:38 pm

I didn't think anyone in CA still had gun rights???
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