Guns & Ammo States Concealed Carry ratings 2020

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Guns & Ammo States Concealed Carry ratings 2020

Postby AlanM » Sat Nov 21, 2020 7:33 am

Best States for Concealed Carry (2020)

Top 5 - Best States for Concealed Carry
1. Arizona
2. Kansas
3. Idaho
4. Kentucky
5. New Hampshire
Bottom 5 - Worst States for Concealed Carry
47. Maryland
48. New York
49. New Jersey
50. California
51. Hawaii
Each year, Guns & Ammo ranks the “Best States for Gun Owners,” our survey of each state’s gun laws and firearms culture. In the past, we have also focused on each state’s concealed carry laws but, for a variety of reasons, we haven’t released a “Best States for Concealed Carry” piece since 2015. Lots has changed since then, and it is time to revisit the subject. When our 2015 rankings were published, only a handful of states allowed for permitless or “Constitutional” carry while today, at least 16 states have those laws in place. This has really shaken-up our previous rankings. States that have not continued to move the ball forward have lost some serious ground while others have leapt ahead.
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Re: Guns & Ammo States Concealed Carry ratings 2020

Postby Klingon00 » Sat Nov 21, 2020 9:03 pm

34. Ohio has a shall-issue system with good permit reciprocity among other states. Nearly 6% of Ohioans have carry permits. Folks carrying in the Buckeye State have a duty to inform law enforcement that they are carrying, and permits are not issued to non-residents. Ohio has some of the broadest reciprocity in the nation and recognizes permits from all issuing jurisdictions—38 states honor Ohio permits. Fees are $13.40 per year.

The main point that should improve our standing on this list:

- We need to remove unconstitutional duty to inform law enforcement of CCW.
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