Board up buildings, setup knife arches, deploy acid attack k

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Board up buildings, setup knife arches, deploy acid attack k

Postby Bruenor » Mon Aug 27, 2018 8:02 am

Amazing this is what you have to do for a street festival in Kahns London. Board up the doors and windows in your residence or store. Erect 8 foot tall barricades out of plywood in front of your building. Bring in 13,000+ Police officers, setup 'Knife Detection Arches' at entry points to the festival, and distribute acid attack treatment kits too first responders. Looks like they are preparing for a hurricane not a festival. And they say the US is violent with all our guns. This is one festival I think I would avoid. ... -lockdown/

London police have secured extra stop and search powers and deployed knife detection arches and extra armed officers equipped with acid attack kits for the Notting Hill Carnival, as homes and shops in the area board up fearing damage.
Just days before a million people turn out for the annual event, the capital’s violent crime wave hit the grim milestone of 100 homicide probes for 2018, with robberies, sexual assaults, and acid attacks also up.

Some 13,000 police officers are being deployed to Europe’s largest street event over the bank holiday weekend – around 450 more than attended last year’s carnival, which was marred by hundreds of arrests and a large number of violent incidents in which 28 officers were injured.
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