Another sad example it's the murderer not the tool

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Another sad example it's the murderer not the tool

Postby M-Quigley » Sun Jun 03, 2018 7:03 am

The only reason this wasn't a mass murder was probably because an older man saw the car heading toward the children and pushed them out of the way before he was killed. The murderer in this case was a woman. It appears from the way she was driving it was deliberate.

"There was a ballgame going on at the time," Cpl. Gagne said, "so the stands were full. There were kids out on the field at the time as well."

Justin Clifton told NEWS CENTER Maine he was playing basketball when he witnessed the incident.

"I saw the car pull out of the gate right over there," he said, "and this guy had some kids with him. After the car got off the field, [the driver] came to the gate and the older guy pushed the kids right out of the way. He took the hit for the kids."

Clifton said he rushed over to Parkhurst and "it did not look good." He added other people jumped over the fence to get to him.

"We can’t even have kids play baseball without someone getting hurt. You get very angry as well. You just have a lot of emotions when you see that."

The motive hasn't been released yet. If you scroll down there's a story that says the victim was involved in a hit and run years ago that killed a 4 yr. old. It's unknown so far if there is a connection between the driver on the baseball field and the victim, or if it's just fate of some kind. :?: ... -560776239
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