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Re: Membership Update

Postby Tweed Ring » Sun Jan 12, 2014 4:27 pm

djmac1964 wrote:
Tweed Ring wrote:Donation to a good organization. Every hour the vols are involved with membership details/quandaries is an hour they are not involved in lobbying, or spending time with their families.

TR, I respect and appreciate your sentiment on this, and I know that there are many others that feel the same way. With that said, please rest assured that we have people in place to do most of the organizational tasks, other than the lobbying, and other work that goes on at the state house, and with the politicians.

I personally would not be comfortable dealing with the legislature, other than sending letters and emails with my concerns. That is why I try to help by working the gun shows, trying to introduce OFCC to people that may not know about us. As well as keeping the calenders updated, and some other behind the scenes stuff that takes the burden off of the people doing the the legislative stuff.

I am happy to know that people are receiving their cards now, and realize that that will be the only way that some actually donate anything to OFCC. If that is what it takes to keep things going, then that is what should happen. And keeping things happening is why I choose to donate my time.

Also keep in mind that membership numbers really help. The more paid members we have, the stronger our voices will be when dealing with the legislature!

Likewise, I respect, and I am truly appreciative of the work all of the OFCC suits do for the rest of us. Simply put, I don't believe we Ohioans would have some of the gun rights we enjoy today, without the volunteer work of the OFCC people, and those vols of similar organizations.

That's why I donate and encourage others to so give; I want OFCC to continue to be a vibrant organization which grows, educates, lobbies, and runs this website.
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