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Re: OhioCCW Forums Changes

Postby jgarvas » Mon Feb 28, 2011 9:55 pm

We've allowed this thread to go on for eighteen pages to answer concerns and I've tried to be frank with questions presented here. I believe that various coordinators and and/or moderators have made an effort to explain the reasons behind the changes that have been adopted here.

In closing this thread I want to re-iterate that we are not ruling out meeting 'n greets, we're not ruling out open carry discussion. We are choosing when OFCC will be brought into controversial events. If anyone has any further comments they wish to contribute either contact a moderator you wish to express those concerns with, or follow the directions in my signature to contact me via email.

Do not PM me - I can't promise a response to PMs but I do my best to respond to emails within a reasonable amount of time, taking into consideration my full time job.

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Contrary to a popular belief when I brag about OFCC accomplishments I'm not looking for your thank you or personal recognition. I'd much prefer you send me an email telling me when you are going to get involved in doing what I've been doing since 1999. We are only as effective as we make ourselves. We need the next generation of OFCC to step to the plate.

Is that you?

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