CCW w-toddlers / Keep kids from guns / Drawing with children

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CCW w-toddlers / Keep kids from guns / Drawing with children

Postby Bruenor » Mon May 11, 2015 7:25 pm

Article series for those with kids ... rs-in-tow/
When toting little ones around, pairing the right holster and firearm to the right clothes become paramount to success. When you decide to carry that weapon on your person, you will need to think carefully about where you want it and how you’re going to conceal it. ... -firearms/
Despite our best attempts at hiding, our kids can still find our firearms. It’s on us, as parents, to strike that balance between accessibility for us and safety for them and it’s a tall order. But with the right gear it’s not as daunting of a task. ... f-a-child/
focus on what you would do in an active shooter situation. If you were at the back of the store, where would you go if shots were fired? Would you ditch the cart or could you carry your kids? Would you run or stand your ground? Do the shelves provide cover or concealment?

Getting the lay of the land followed by answering these questions will help groom a concealed carry plan. Brain freeze, and not the kind that comes after a tasty cold treat, can often be alleviated with a little planning on the front end.
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