Alpha Girls Gun & Fashion show - causes reporter to whine

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Alpha Girls Gun & Fashion show - causes reporter to whine

Postby Bruenor » Wed May 07, 2014 8:06 pm

I recall a show like this several years back held in new York, this one was in Chicago, and was actually a fund raiser for the police. ... w-n1833667

Bartuch is hosting her annual Firearms & Fashion show this weekend to raise money for the Chicago-Police Memorial Fund. Each year Bartuch teams up with the company Nickel & Lace in order to show women what their concealed carry options are while wearing a dress or curve hugging clothing.

Carol Marin is a political columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, a political editor for NBC5 News and a contributor to WTTW's Chicago Tonight. Marin is baffled by Bartuch's event and apparently doesn't understand the difference between violent Chicago thugs and women hosting a firearms and fashion show in the Windy City. Writing in the Chicago Sun-Times, Marin lumps in fashion show participants and attendees with gangsters shooting teenaged girls in the streets:

Naturally, Marin also got in touch with her buddies at ATF, who gladly offered up their opinion about what firearms do and do not have a place in the hands of law abiding citizens or "urban society."!blog/c1c09!events/c1tjg
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