Hey ladies, how's it going?

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Hey ladies, how's it going?

Postby bearkitty » Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:10 pm

I got my CHL a little over a year ago after a lot of thought and determination. My husband decided to skip the class and so does not have a CHL. I carry every day, everywhere I can. My life has changed a ton since I made the decision to get my CHL. I've changed how I dress and where I spend my money, I even changed jobs. My kids are older but we still had to work on the "what not to say" to friends and in public. I had one close call where I almost drew my gun at a gas station several months ago. I am glad that it didn't go that far, but content that I would have defended myself if I'd had to.

Please chime in:

Are you carrying every day?
How has your life changed?
Any 'lightbulb' moments to share?
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Re: Hey ladies, how's it going?

Postby Mustang380gal » Thu Aug 22, 2013 7:59 am

I applied for my license the second day we could, in 2004. Hubby and I figured the line would be out the door on day one, so we waited.

He didn't push me to get my license; I got it mainly for the politics of it--boost the numbers of CHLs, and if they tracked by sex, I would be another in the woman category.

When we first started, the whole "Buckeye Tuck" thing, and having to lock a firearm up if it wasn't "tucked" made me less enthusiastic about carrying. I was nursing a baby, then had another in 2005, so maternity pants or breastfeeding in public made on the body carry difficult at best. I got a good holster purse with a lock, which I wore out, and replaced. I think I am on my 4th purse.

I'll add more later--"mom duty" calls.
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Re: Hey ladies, how's it going?

Postby Runner_Girl78 » Thu Aug 22, 2013 10:41 am

I got my CHL last August, so it's officially been a year. I've carried every day since I got my holster, which shipped after my CHL was ready for pick up. My hubby got his CHL after I did, but he does not carry on a regular basis. I encourage him to, but I'm not sure he's completely ready for it yet.

I had a bit of situational awareness prior to my CHL, but I find that it's been heightened since I started carrying. I am always aware of the people around me, I look people in the eye all the time now as I pass them out in public, I try to keep a hand free instead of having my hands full while out shopping, just little things that could make all the difference.

We got a Crickett rifle for our son and had to have the conversation with him about not talking about it at school. He wanted to tell his teacher last year about it in the worst way and was very disappointed when we told him he couldn't. With him being six at the time, we simply explained that not everyone likes guns, so talking about it may upset some people. With all the news stories of the hype over pop tarts bitten into gun shapes and freak outs over Nerf guns, we figured it was best he not say a word.

I've also been dressing a bit differently. Mainly with shirts that are more 'flowy'. I haven't had to change where I spend my money all that much, because most places I frequent are not posted. My biggest problem is that I attend classes at YSU during the evening. Since I cannot carry on campus, I took a self defense class over the weekend and also purchased pepper spray and a stinger. They are on my keys and I always have my keys in my hand while I walk across campus.

I haven't encountered any situations that would cause me to draw yet, and I hope I never do, but I'm so glad I got my CHL to help keep myself and my family safe.
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