What Happenec In The Canton Case?

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What Happenec In The Canton Case?

Postby tmaca » Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:27 pm

I'm referring to the guy who got pulled over, tried to "inform" , got shouted down, then arrested for failing to inform. I'm a former large city cop, and saw several problems in the dashcam video. In the first place, based on the SOP of any department I've ever known about, the driver should have been approached at the start. Second, the officer had no right to enter that rear seat without the driver'd permission unless he had actually seen contraband there. Finally, the officer accused everyone of lying based, apparently, on the location being known for prostitution. He made no attempt tro verify or disprove the driver's statement that he knew the girl. Then his abusive manner, and actual threats made to the driver, especially that every time he saw the car again he was going to pull it over, arrest the driver, and tow the car were completely put of line and, to some extent, violations of law. Not to mention his statement that he should have "executed" the driver as soon as he saw the gun.

I understand that the charges were dropped or dismissed in court, but what about this jerk who is a disgrace to the badge he carries? Has he been disciplined? Has a lawsuit been filed? A-holes like him are what give good, hard working, law enforcement officers a bad name. If I'd ever behaved like that I'd have gotten at least a RIP, and maybe even a suspension.
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Re: What Happenec In The Canton Case?

Postby djmac1964 » Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:37 pm

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