Attention Kroger shoppers:

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Re: Attention Kroger shoppers:

Postby M-Quigley » Sun Jul 10, 2016 10:41 pm

docachna wrote:
M-Quigley wrote:... Not related to Krogers but armed guards: A generally liberal (but not anti gun) acquaintance said to me recently that she thinks the problem with what happened in Orlando with the guy being able to shoot so many without being stopped wasn't due to gun control being able to buy the guns. She said the patrons shouldn't have needed to be armed. She places some responsibility with the management of the club, for not having some plainclothes security on the inside who were armed. A business with hundreds of patrons in a theme and venue that is a potential lightning rod for all kinds of nutcases, muslim or not. She said when she went to a casino once, some guy merely threatened to use a gun, and the armed security was all over him. Also when the local Walmart had the black friday sale, there were a dozen armed cops there. She said it would be nice if businesses would protect their customers half as much as their money, and perhaps the death toll would've been less.

Last I heard, the Pulse club had ONE uniformed Orlando PD officer on duty in the club at the time of the shooting. Don't know if the guy targeted him first or not. My recollection is that he exchanged some shots, then covered and basically stayed put as the thing progressed. Just my best recall, but I haven't followed it in detail since the day and maybe the day after. I'm sure more has come out since then.

Your recollection is correct. They had an uniformed armed security guard/off duty cop in the parking lot who was investigating a possible underage drinking situation when the shooter got in. I've heard conflicting news stories, one was the off duty cop engaged in in gunfire as he was coming in, another was he already had gotten in, shot some people and was heading out when the cop engaged him, whereby he went back in the club and took hostages. Regardless, the feds had intel that ISIS told their followers in the US that this was gay pride month, and to go out and kill "sodomites". It should've been obvious to someone (perhaps someone at H.S.) that an attack such as this was going to occur at a venue like this. Whether this info got filtered down to the local PD's and whether they informed club owners is unknown.
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