Passenger w/no CHL

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Passenger w/no CHL

Postby docachna » Sat Jun 20, 2020 6:08 pm

Coming to Cbus (a/k/a Scioto City :? ) Thursday. Since I left OH 8 years back, my recollection of OH law is foggy as to circumstances where my wife (no CHL) is in the car with me. I haven't had to think about her exposure, as down here, no CHL is required to have a pistol in your MV. It's considered part of your domicile. I know there have been a number of changes to OH law since 2012. I'm good as far as it goes for myself - it's what I have to watch out for with her that has me thinking.

* Under what circumstances can I exit the car and leave her in the car, with a pistol there (and where can it be or not be while I'm out) ?
* Can we drive with a second pistol in the door pocket on her side (mine is in the center console or in the driver's side door pocket) ?

Any tips appreciated.

And before you suggest it -- no, we're not going near downtown OR High St. Anywhere else, I'll be checking Google Maps frequently for traffic clogs ahead.
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Re: Passenger w/no CHL

Postby JustaShooter » Sat Jun 20, 2020 6:58 pm

If you exit the vehicle, any handguns must be unloaded, cased, and any loaded mags or speed loaders stored separately (in a compartment only reachable by exiting the vehicle *OR* in a closed container that provides complete and separate enclosure from the handgun, and that closes with a fastener of some kind, like velcro, snap, buckle, etc.)

Although the exception for having a loaded handgun in the vehicle appears to be comprehensive, I would absolutely *not* have a 2nd gun under her control.

Here's a link to the section of current Ohio law covering transport in a motor vehicle:
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