Broadway Props Maker Busted For Trying To 3D Print A Gun

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Broadway Props Maker Busted For Trying To 3D Print A Gun

Postby bignflnut » Wed Sep 26, 2018 10:06 am

But what if Vett kept the printer at his home?

Despite New York City’s much-vaunted gun control laws, Vett would have still been in possession of a firearm. It doesn’t matter that he was supposedly making it for his brother. He would have had a gun in his grubby little paws despite the gun laws.

Yes, in this case, he tried it and was arrested because he was stupid.

Or, more correctly, probably because he was ignorant and unthinking. If he’d been acting with nefarious intent, it’s unlikely he would have taken the printer to the theater at all. But because he probably believed he wasn’t doing anything wrong, he did what he did.

But in the process, he showed that the days of pretending New York City can keep guns out are long over. We already knew that, of course. We have decades of history proving that firearms still find their way into the city. But now, they can be made right there inside the city by anyone with the equipment.
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Re: Broadway Props Maker Busted For Trying To 3D Print A Gun

Postby WY_Not » Wed Sep 26, 2018 11:38 am

If they are going to claim that it is a firearm then the prosecutor should be forced to take it to the range and put some rounds through it to verify that it functions as a firearm. Until such time it is simply a piece of plastic that LOOKS like a firearm. About as much of a firearm as the poptart "gun" the kid was suspended from school for. :roll:
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