Trauma training and preparedness pays off

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Trauma training and preparedness pays off

Postby Bruenor » Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:39 am

Ran across this story today, and it's a great example of someone being prepared to take action, and carrying the gear that was needed. ... isappeared

The bones in one of his legs from the knee down were shattered entirely, severing the critical arteries that send blood to the calf and foot. All of his toes on both feet were also broken. Sessin was losing a lot of blood – and quickly.

Still conscious, Sessin said that’s when the good Samaritan came to his aid.

“It was a bystander. That’s what we’re assuming. And if it’s not a bystander, it’s an officer or a fireman,” said Jenny Sessin, Tony’s wife of 38 years. “Someone put a tourniquet on my husband’s leg, and it saved his life. I don’t care how you look at it. He’s alive. He might not have a leg in the end, but he’s here, and he’s alive. And we want to thank you personally from the bottom of our hearts. Please come forward so we can thank you.”

The deployment of the tourniquet helped slow the bleeding, buying precious time to get Sessin to the trauma center. Jenny Sessin said Tony believes it was a bystander who used the tourniquet because both police and fire officials said the tourniquet was already in place when they arrived. ... uum-sealed
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Re: Trauma training and preparedness pays off

Postby TSiWRX » Thu Jul 05, 2018 9:58 am

^ Good for that Good Samaritan!!! :D

A friend's near multiple amputation from a motorcycle accident was one of the reasons that drove me to start carrying an EDC medical kit.

In addition to medical preparedness/training, here's a sobering look at family preparedness, as posted by Caleb Causey of Lone Star Medics, on their Facebook page:

Caleb Causey, Lone Star Medics FB wrote:Lessons Learned at a jewelry heist…

My family (wife and infant son) and I were present in this store when four armed men performed a brazen jewelry heist in the middle of a Sunday afternoon. If family and close friends are ready this before we’ve had the chance to tell you, we’re all OK and made it home safe.....

Read the entire story (you do not have to sign in to FB or even have a FB account): ... 3177861617

The news story relating to this event: ... 64901.html
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