Another Flash Mob - Florida

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Re: Another Flash Mob - Florida

Postby wobblygoblin » Thu Jul 19, 2012 7:26 pm

texasag93 wrote:They did nothing wrong as far as I could see.

The problem with this situation is that as soon as it 'turns bad', the situation is chaos.

I'm sorry, I completely disagree with you. They did nothing wrong as far as you could see? As someone pointed out they stole and broke merchandise and intimidated customers and staff. This is not how a civilized society works and when we start saying this type of behavior is not doing anything wrong I think there is a real problem and it only encourages it more. I bet if these young "restless" youths were overwhelming our neighborhoods with this type of behavior, breaking windows, stealing things, intimidating people we'd ALL see something wrong about it then.

I agree that leaving the situation is wise, but there is most definitely something wrong with this.
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Re: Another Flash Mob - Florida

Postby steves 50de » Thu Jul 19, 2012 7:41 pm

wobblygoblin wrote:If you stand still they can't see you. :mrgreen:

Seriously, if I couldn't get to the exit I'm heading to the sporting goods and parking my behind near the ammo and turning that area into the Alamo, with a different result of course.

You forgot the baseball bat to open the ammo cabinet. :lol:
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