Norway Bow & Arrow Attack

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Norway Bow & Arrow Attack

Postby sodbuster95 » Wed Oct 13, 2021 4:57 pm

I hate to link to this news organization but...

Multiple people killed in suspected bow and arrow attack in Norway

Five people have been killed and at least two others injured during an attack in the Norwegian town of Kongsberg, according to local police.
The suspected attacker was using a bow and arrow, a spokesman for Norway's southeastern police district, which includes Kongsberg, told CNN on Wednesday. Local police were first alerted to the suspect at 6:15 PM local time, he added.
The attacker is believed to have acted alone. An arrest has been made and there is "no active search for more people," said Øyvind Aas, police chief of the county seat Drammen, in a press conference after the attack.

I wonder if this was one of those evil “assault” bow and arrows?
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Re: Norway Bow & Arrow Attack

Postby kcclark » Thu Oct 14, 2021 3:07 am

This is what caught my eye:

Police across the country have now been given the rare order to carry firearms as a precaution.

"Due to the serious incident in Kongsberg where several people were killed and injured tonight, the police in Norway are temporarily armed," the Norwegian Police directorate said in a statement on Wednesday.

Under Norwegian law, officers typically must have prior approval to carry firearms.

Article says shots were fired to apprehend the perp so there must be some cops that carry all the time.
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Re: Norway Bow & Arrow Attack

Postby drc » Thu Oct 14, 2021 5:04 am

Europe is having the same kind of issues that are going to be popping up here more often (in my opinion). It's mind boggling how many people are killed "in the name of God", regardless of whose he is. Been going on for millennia.

A Danish man who is in custody in Norway suspected of a bow-and-arrow attack on a small town that killed five people and wounded two others is a Muslim convert who had previously been flagged as having being radicalized, police said Thursday. ... calization
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