some Butler county officials want CC during council meetings

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some Butler county officials want CC during council meetings

Postby M-Quigley » Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:09 am ... BwzLWY6LL/

MONROE — Despite often having a police presence at meetings, some Butler County elected officials say they would be in favor changes to the law permitting CCW holders to carry in government buildings.

“Sitting in the front of the room during our trustee meetings, I have thought about my safety, the safety of my fellow trustees, staff and the attendees,” West Chester Twp. Trustee Ann Becker said.

Becker, a first-time township trustee elected this past fall, said officials and others are “soft targets” in the Trustee Hall.

“Potential shooters know that schools and government buildings are gun-free zones. I would vote to pass a resolution that permitted CCW holders to carry in our government buildings,” she said.

Monroe Councilman Todd Hickman contends that If a school board has the option to authorize teachers to carry a concealed weapon, then the elected members of city councils should be able to as well.

“To me, it’s no different than a teacher being able to carry a concealed weapon,” Hickman said.

Five of Monroe’s seven council members have a CCW permit and another member is in the process of obtaining one, he said.

But because council’s meeting room is also used for the city’s Mayor’s Court, those with CCW permits are not allowed to have their weapons in council chambers, the city’s Law Director K. Philip Callahan said.

Mayor’s Court is usually held before the council meeting every other Tuesday.

Callahan recommended that council contact state legislators to change the current law to permit council members to carry concealed weapons.

Some other interesting comments as well, including the one at the end.
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