Cracking down on personal attacks

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Cracking down on personal attacks

Postby Daniel » Tue May 30, 2006 10:58 am

As has been alluded to several times in various threads, and in at least one separate topic, personal attacks and failure to follow the rules of this forum while posting are starting to get out of hand. I have seen other discussion boards suffer greatly from similar acts, and it is not going to happen here.

While we acknowledge that many people have differences in opinion and ways of thinking, it is completely inappropriate to allow such disagreements to degrade into name calling, personal attacks on another person's character, or any other such childish behavior. You can disagree without becoming hostile, overly defensive, or insulting.

If you have a problem with another forum member, do not air it here or in the private messages. Do not "call out" that person, post anything insulting about them, demand that they not post in "your" thread, or put their name in the subject of the thread to draw attention to it. Do not bait that person, nor rise to bait from that person. If you cannot respond in a polite/civil way, then keep it to yourself.

Such abusive posts have typically been removed in the past, and will continue to be removed; but frankly the moderators have better things to do than deal with an onslaught of inappropriate posts. So, repeat offenders may very well find themselves disinvited to participate here.

On the subject of moderators, be advised that as a general rule, their word is law. Jeff and I do not hover over their shoulder and scrutinize each and every decision they make. They have a tough, often thankless job, and do their best. Yes, they are also human an occasionally make mistakes. When that happens, we discuss it internally and move on. But complaining about moderators in the forums, or private messages, and attempting to undermine their authority is not going to be tolerated. Abusing a moderator, whether on the boards or in the private messaging system, may be grounds for immediate suspension of your account. If you truly have a problem with any decision a moderator makes, PM me or Jeff (preferably me) and we will look into it. But, 9 times out of 10, we are going to support the decision of the moderator. For the record, crying "censorship" as a defense of your post is not going to score you any points.

If you feel you cannot abide by all of the forum rules or policies, it is in everyone's best interest if you remove yourself from this board before we are forced to do it for you. Anyone found to repeatedly continue to violate the rules or policies of this forum will be subject to a warning or having their posting privileges revoked (banned). The vast majority of the people here have not had a major problem following these rules, but the remaining few are becoming increasingly vocal, brazen, and disruptive.

This is a public, family oriented forum dedicated to promoting gun rights and the image of Ohioans For Concealed Carry. It is a moderated board to maintain a friendly, inviting atmosphere to further those goals. We all need to work together to make sure we are holding ourselves to a high standard of conduct to help accomplish those goals.

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