Newbie chick

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Re: Newbie chick

Postby A_F » Sat Jul 02, 2016 4:07 pm

EvenTheTrees wrote:When he died, I inherited his guns, but my sisters forced me to sell them and split the money.

I would have told them to pound sand.

But then, im 45 and ill say anything lol.

Welcome to the forum, I hope you find the gun you like.

My gf enjoys her Bersa Thunder CC 380, hates her Taurus ankle biter, likes to shoot 1911's but doesn't want to carry a big log like that.
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Re: Newbie chick

Postby Tru-Heathen » Sat Jul 02, 2016 5:03 pm

You've been given some good advice already. Check for tips on picking out & carrying a handgun from a woman's perspective.
A wayfarer should not walk unarmed,
But have his weapons to hand:
He knows not when he may need a spear,
Or what menace meet on the road.

- Verse 38 from the Havamal, the Wisdom of Odin.
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Re: Newbie chick

Postby dl1911 » Sun Jul 03, 2016 5:42 am

Tru-Heathen wrote:Welcome.
You've been given some good advice already. Check for tips on picking out & carrying a handgun from a woman's perspective.

+1 on the Cornered Cat! You can also find her on facebook and her book is superb as well. Much of the book and website can apply to everyone as well, not just women.
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Re: Newbie chick

Postby djmac1964 » Sun Jul 03, 2016 9:41 am

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Re: Newbie chick

Postby Sneakypete » Sun Jul 03, 2016 12:51 pm

Duty, Honor, Country.
These three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, what you will be.
-Gen Douglas MacArthur

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Re: Newbie chick

Postby bearkitty » Mon Jul 04, 2016 9:44 am

Welcome!! From another middle aged suburban mom who shoots:)

In addition to The Cornered Cat, please check out The Well Armed Woman. Both are excellent resources for female shooters and offer great advice on concealed carry.
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Re: Newbie chick

Postby AmendII71 » Tue Jul 05, 2016 1:36 pm

Your description of how you and your Dad shot together is dead on with thousands if not millions of us out here. I have done the same with my oldest daughter not far south of where you first shot. Welcome to Ohioans for Conceal Carry. This is an awesome site and you will learn tons. I own both a 45 ACP and a 380 for carry. I am not a real big guy so I end up shooting the 380 more accurate and therfore end up carrying it more.
"Better to have it and not need it, than need it, and not have it."
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