Basic Combat Handgun Class - 7/25/15

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Basic Combat Handgun Class - 7/25/15

Postby docpadds » Wed Jul 08, 2015 6:31 pm

We have a few spaces left for our Basic Combat Handgun class on July 25th.

Details are HERE

Course Objective: To furnish the student with the basic principles of marksmanship, gunfighter traits and skills, so they may apply them in a worst case self-defense scenario.

Course Description: After qualifying for your CHL and doing the training, do you really feel like you are trained to use the firearm in a self defense scenario? Did your class teach you the Traits of a Gunfighter, the Principles of Marksmanship and how to work with malfunctions under stress? Our class is designed for those who are ready to take the next step and want to really learn how to use the firearm, not just carry it.

We will work on items such as:

Gunfighter Traits, Skills, Mindset and Tactics
Principles of Marksmanship
Best stance for stability
Correct draw techniques
Reloads and Malfunction Drills
As we bring all of these together we will be practicing them all on the live fire range. We will exercise each one, culminating in drills where we use each and every one of these to bring in real world use of the firearm. We will use various targets and distances, including close quarter based targets.

At the end of each class we will run a quick timed contest between all the students, with the prize of shooting one of our full auto firearms being given to the winner. The range will be open also for other students to work on any parts they feel they want to practice more before we move on to debrief and certificates.

Our classes, while serious in nature, are designed to work at a pace that most students can keep up with regardless of age and fitness level. Our instructors will make certain that not only are you receiving the training but that it is an enjoyable experience for all.

Firearm Required: High Capacity (13+ Round recommended) Not recommended for Revolvers or Sub-Compacts

Ammunition Required: 600 Rounds
Magazines Required : 3 Minimum

Class is $250 for the day.
Discounted ammunition is available during signup for an all inclusive package price.
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