[UNLISTED] WTS Katadyn Pocket Water Filter (needs filter)

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WTS Katadyn Pocket Water Filter (needs filter)

Postby painiac » Thu Feb 01, 2018 7:26 pm

Needs a new ceramic filter.
That being said, this is otherwise like new. I bought it years ago for prepping purposes; rinsed the filter with tap water per the instructions, but made the mistake of letting it freeze while damp so the replaceable ceramic filter broke.

As you can see, these can be pretty expensive. The name "Pocket" is a bit of a misnomer as it's not tiny, but this would be excellent for a base camp or for home emergency prepping. It is capable of filtering a lot of water, down to 0.2 microns for removing dangerous pathogens. The ceramic filter is silver-impregnated to prevent bacterial growth. It can be scrubbed and re-used many times.
All hoses/accessories and pouch are included; the hand pump works perfectly, no damage or wear to the unit at all.

A replacement ceramic filter will cost you ~$200. I just don't feel like spending that much right now, but it's an excellent piece of gear and I don't want to just throw it away so I'm offering you a good deal.
Just to be clear: after adding a filter this item will be in perfect working order, but it will be useless until you buy a new ceramic filter element.

Considering that, I'm asking $100 (price of shipping included), and that price is negotiable.
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