HB 253: Permit LEO to conceal carry where prohibited

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HB 253: Permit LEO to conceal carry where prohibited

Postby rickt » Fri Apr 06, 2018 12:24 pm

I don't think I posted anything about this bill previously. It is going to have its fourth hearing on 4/10/18 with a possible committee vote.

H. B. No. 253 - Representatives Householder, Lanese.

Cosponsors: Representatives Koehler, Riedel, Seitz, Conditt, Hambley, Stein, Butler, Kick, Schaffer, Brinkman, Hughes, Goodman, Vitale, Merrin, Wiggam, Keller, Faber, Becker, Gavarone, Antani, Perales, Carfagna, Johnson, Duffey, Young, Thompson, Brenner, McColley, Hood, Sprague, Hagan, Hill, Greenspan.

To amend sections 2923.12, 2923.121, 2923.123, and 2923.126 of the Revised Code to permit law enforcement officers to carry firearms off duty in places otherwise prohibited for concealed handgun licensees.

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