Columbus ban hi cap mags

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Columbus ban hi cap mags

Postby slidelock » Sat Jan 21, 2023 1:06 pm

Is the new law in columbus banning hi cap magazines being discussed here?
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Re: Columbus ban hi cap mags

Postby JustaShooter » Sat Jan 21, 2023 1:29 pm

I haven't seen anything elsewhere about it yet, so this is as good of a place as any.

I do know AG Yost filed suit against them, but haven't seen anything since then.
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Re: Columbus ban hi cap mags

Postby MikeACP » Sat Jan 21, 2023 3:56 pm

Yost asked for an injunction but was denied. The ban goes into effect midnight tonight. The ban is for magazines of 30 rounds or more. Two more pieces of the restrictions, If you have children in the house firearms must be safely stored . number2 you cannot sell a firearm to anyone who is disqualified from owning a firearm. Ag Yost is planning an appellate referal.
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Re: Columbus ban hi cap mags

Postby Brian D. » Sat Jan 21, 2023 10:40 pm

Columbus will lose but they won't be punished for violating ORC 9.68. So, they'll pull the same stunt again sooner or later. Without serious enforcement teeth, statewide preemption is a big fat stupid joke.

Bring back tarring and feathering, Ohio General Assembly.
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Re: Columbus ban hi cap mags

Postby WhyNot » Sun Jan 22, 2023 9:06 am

I've brought up solutions to stop the Electeds from ruling with extreme authority to the determent of the law.

Speaking of the Electeds, does there alleged 'ban' apply to the passerby driving down highway?
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Re: Columbus ban hi cap mags

Postby eugene » Sun Jan 22, 2023 8:00 pm

Will they put up big signs like the hazardous carrier bypass?

I'm glad Columbus lawmakers have nothing else important to do other than wasting time on silly laws like this. :evil:
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Re: Columbus ban hi cap mags

Postby dustymedic » Sun Jan 29, 2023 6:13 pm

It used to be what on my way from home in one Central Ohio 'burb to my range in another Central Ohio 'burb, I would drive thru Columbus City Limits for about 30 seconds. Sometimes I would stop and get a soft drink on the way home at a business that was in the city limits. I guess Columbus won't be getting my business there anymore on range day. :twisted: :twisted:
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