UBC ballot initiative filed with Ohio Attorney General

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Re: UBC ballot initiative filed with Ohio Attorney General

Postby bignflnut » Wed Jul 10, 2019 9:00 am

From rickt's link:

Yost had said the group’s summary said the law would create universal background checks, failing to describe the exceptions in the proposed law. Dennis Willard, a group spokesman, said the new summary language describes those exceptions, including gifts among family members, sales or transfers of antique firearms and transfers to law enforcement and active military members. (Click here to read the full proposed law.)

"The people of Ohio want background checks for gun safety to reduce violence and save lives. For this reason it was relatively easy to collect the additional signatures to put this language in front of the Ohio Attorney General," Willard said in a statement.

The attorney general’s office has received the revised language, and has begun the process of reviewing it, said Dominic Binkley, a Yost spokesman.

Ohioans for Gun Safety is seeking what’s called an initiated statute, a process through which citizens can bypass state lawmakers by directly voting on laws. If Yost’s office and the Ohio Ballot Board approve the language, the group then would have until 10 days before a legislative session to gather 132,887 signatures from registered voters in at least 44 of Ohio’s 88 counties.

State lawmakers then would have four months to consider the measure. If the Republican-controlled legislature doesn’t pass it, supporters could collect another 132,887 signatures to place the proposed law change before Ohio voters during the next election.

Recalling previous victory on the infringement of background checks, they're coming back to the well. Now they're willing to bypass the legislature doing the heavy lifting of getting 267,700 signatures in 44 counties.

But OBTW, there are exceptions to the "universal" concept....so they'll be back.
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