Non-Resident CHL Question

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Non-Resident CHL Question

Postby PainCakes » Tue Jul 02, 2019 9:49 pm

I've got a possibly interesting situation. I'm interested in obtaining an OH CHL. I've been a student here in OH for 3 years and have resided here for the entirety of that time. I have done work study jobs for the university while I've been here as well, though I'm not sure how much that actually matters. I've also purchased handguns while in OH due to being considered a resident of OH in accordance with ATF policy as a full time student. That said, I still possess an out of state driver's license.

I have an OR resident and PA non-resident CHL and am interested in the OH license due spending most of my time here. It states that you must "work" in OH to be considered, but I'm not sure if my situation prevents me from being able to get an OH license. If needed, I can prove that I've lived in OH and maintain a residence here for an extended time.

Anyone have any experience or input on this? Thanks.
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Re: Non-Resident CHL Question

Postby JustaShooter » Wed Jul 03, 2019 6:33 am

It seems to me you would be considered an Ohio resident for the purposes of obtaining an Ohio CHL, especially since you have been able to purchase firearms while here. Of course, IANAL and I don't have direct experience, so I'm hoping someone who does will chime in.

Edit: This may be one of the few times I'd suggest contacting the CHL clerk at your local sheriff's office and ask them...
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Re: Non-Resident CHL Question

Postby Sevens » Fri Jul 05, 2019 1:29 pm

Interesting that a gun store or FFL has accepted proof of residency from you, most won't accept ANY form of ID of any sort unless it is issued by a government agency.

I would also say that the Ohio BMV has the firm thought that you should obtain an Ohio driver's license, given your situation. Legally, I am not certain, but the Ohio BMV would prefer the revenue that they could get from you considering how long you've been here.

Lastly... I doubt that any Ohio Sheriff is likely to issue you a CHL without proof of residency, and I bet that your driver's license will be the main topic of conversation.

I'll be interested in hearing how this develops. And for what it's worth, although the law and the rules are (or should be) clearly defined, the Sheriff that you deal with won't necessarily execute things properly.
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